Corporate Massage

On site massage has become very popular in the workplace.

This is due to improved mental well-being in what at times can be a highly stressful environment. Employees hugely benefit from these treatments and feel less fatigue as they simulate the brain cells, release unwanted tensions and promote relaxation which creates a calmer atmosphere.

Treatments normally last around 20-30 minutes depending on the clients timescale. Massages tend to be carried out through the clothes so no oils are used unless requested.

Treatments are performed at your desk or on a massage chair specially designed for these treatments. All massages can be tailor-made to suit the individuals needs.

Many corporations and businesses are now encouraging their staff to take a 20 minute break to experience the benefits of a on site massage as employees say they feel more energised and refreshed afterwards.


A review from a corporate client...


"I booked Trish to visit one of my corporate clients, as part of a wellbeing strategy I had been working on. From the moment she arrived, her professionalism and warm demeanour put everyone at ease. She set up her chair in one of our meeting rooms for the day and worked her magic on team members at 30-minute intervals.

Trish demonstrated an impressive understanding of various massage techniques, tailoring each session to individual preferences and needs. Her skilled hands worked wonders in relieving tension and promoting relaxation among our team members.


She took the time to listen to the team’s concerns and ensured that each person felt comfortable throughout the session. She was especially adept at adapting her methods to accommodate a team member in the late stages of pregnancy.


The feedback from the team was overwhelmingly positive, with everyone expressing a desire for her to return, which was arranged for the following week!

I wholeheartedly recommend Trish to anyone seeking a workplace massage experience. Her expertise and professionalism undoubtedly make her an asset to any workplace or personal wellness routine."


Clare Jackson,

HR & Training Consultant